Semak LIMakluman kepada pelajar-pelajar yang telah menjalankan latihan industri pada semester Jun 2015 kini boleh menyemak keputusan Latihan Industri melalui pautan di bawah atau melalui Portal Rasmi Politeknik Port Dickson melalui butang Semak Keputusan Latihan Industri.



Pasukan Bola BalingPasukan Bola Baling Politeknik Port Dickson telah menerusi kecemerlangan dalam sukan tersebut dimana mereka telah menjadi NAIB JOHAN Kejohanan Bola Baling IIUM 2015 Sempena HARI SUKAN NEGARA pada 10.10.2015 lepas. Rekod penyertaan mereka sangat membanggakan selepas mendapat Tempat KETIGA semasa Karnival Sukan Jubli Perak Politeknik Port Dickson pada 1-4/10/2015 yang lalu..Teruskan kecemerlangan Bola Baling PoliPD semasa penyertaan di Sukan IPT III (SukIPT 2016) yang dijadualkan pada bulan February 2016 di UTM nanti.


Port Dickson Polytechnic was built in 1990 on a 100 acre land in Si Rusa territory. It is situated 14 kilometers from Port Dickson town and 120 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur. Si Rusa territory is one of the most famous tourist attraction because of the fresh air and white sandy beaches which is located about 30 kilometers along The Strait of Malacca.

Port Dickson Polytechnic is the sixth polytechnic built under Polytechnic Management Division, Technical Education Department, Malaysian Ministry of Education. The building expenditure was fully sponsored by World Bank and was able to accomondate about 1200 full time students. But, to fulfill the ever increasing demand in half professional field for career needs, the polytechnic is obligated to increase the number of student intake to 5000 students by 2005.

In the Seventh Malaysian Plan, polytechnic was given a grant of RM 55 million to upgrade and improve all the necessary facilities and buildings for future usage. This polytechnic was then successly developed and upgraded at the end of 2005. After 15 years of existence, Port Dickson Polytechnic has been one of the country’s notable higher education institutes in Malaysia. Started with only 120 students in 1990, the number of students has increased to 5,781 students in various fields. With the help from all staffs, Politeknik Port Dickson has produced 26,158 graduates to be injected in various job sectors in the country.

There are 6 academic departments in Port Dickson Polytechnic namely, the departments are Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Commerce, Department of Mathematics, Science and Computer, and Department of General Studies. In the meantime, there are 13 diploma courses in Port Dickson Polytechnic.

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