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Department of Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical Engineering (JKE), Politeknik Port Dickson was established on 1990. In earlier stage, JKE Politeknik Port Dickson offered only one course which is Electronic Communication Engineering Certificate (SEP). At that time, there were only 6 lecturers with 30 students. Tn. Hj. Mohd Jayus Bunasir was the first Head of Department of Electrical in Politeknik Port Dickson.

According to statistics, as years go on, the number of lecturers and students raising parallel to the increase number of program. JKE has evolve drastically and now offering 3 diploma program which are Diploma in Electronic Engineering (DKE), Diploma in Electronic Engineering (Computer), and Diploma in Electrical Engineering (DET).

Corresponding to Higher Education Acting Plan which to implement lifetime education, JKE also offers Diplome in Electronic Engineering (DKE) Program as part time (KSS). The program is supposed to aid working polytechnic certificate graduates to enhance their knowledge and skill to higher level.

To keep the competitiveness, JKE has involved in some international competitions. It includes ROBOT SOCCER Competition.  In addition, a number of JKE lecturers have obtained recognition from professional bodies such as CISCO, COMPTIA and ADOBE.

To ensure JKE graduates always relevant to the current market needs, JKE in cooperation with IP-Networking Company has organized "JOBCAMP" to the students. "JOBCAMP" is hoped to give extra added value to the students with skill in IT, Software Engineering and Soft skill.

Moreover, there are programs handled to promote Politeknik Port Dickson in general, especially JKE with the effort to get close to the society.


Lab Facilities

  • Telecommunication Lab
  • Electronic Lab
  • Electric Principle Lab
  • Measuring Lab
  • Computer Lab (Microprocessor)
  • Computer Lab (Digital System)
  • Power Elektronic Lab
  • Electronic Device Fixing Lab
  • Machine Lab
  • Construction Lab
  • ECAD (Electronic Computer Aided Design) Lab
  • IT Lab
  • ECOMM (Electronic Communication) Lab
  • Project Lab


Program Offered


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