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Department of Mathematics, Science & Computer


Department of Mathematics, Science and Computer (JMSK) which was formerly known as Mathematics and Science Unit was built since 1993.

In June 2002, JMSK has moved to a new building which has computer labs facilities and a server room for Campus Information Network System Politeknik Port Dickson.

JMSK plays important role in coordinating the teaching of Mathematics in Engineering, Technical Science and Computer Application for all departments. JMSK is also responsible to manage all classrooms, science lab and computer lab so that the usage among departments is coordinated.

At the moment, JMSK has 31 lecturers who have skills in various disciplines such as Mathematics and Science, Information Technology, Computer Science, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and a lab assistant. In January 2009 session, a number of 4174 students have enrolled in all courses under JMSK management.

Starting in July 2006 session, JMSK was the first to create Work Quality Group in Politeknik Port Dickson. The pioneer group focused on failure causes of Technician Science course. Workshops of techniques answering final examination questions were organized and exercise book was produced. The main target was the course repeated students. In addition, a lot of activities were conducted. Final examination analysis showed result where number of repeating students who pass increased. From there on, some KMK in JMSK is formed.

The groups focus on courses with low pass percentage. A number of JMSK lecturers have also organized KMK course to other Politeknik Port Dickson staffs. It is to encourage more KMK group to be formed in Politeknik Port Dickson.

In January 2009 session, there was a lot of PnP activities successfully organized and was well received by the students. A motivational talk entitled “Say No” has been organized for students who repeated Engineering Mathematics 1, Engineering Mathematics 2, Technicians Science and Computer Application. Other activities such as CSL Learning, Mentor-mentee, workshop on examination answering techniques and Revising Workshop were also organized. JMSK will continue in conducting activities that may help students.



  • ACAD Lab 1 and 2
  • General Computer Lab 1
  • General Computer Lab 2
  • General Computer Lab 3
  • General Computer Lab 4
  • General Computer Lab 5
  • Technician Science Lab 1 and 2
  • Class Hall


Courses Offered

Engineering Mathematics 1

The course gives students exposure on algebra theory especially in standard form, index and logarithm, geometry and measurement, coordinate geometry and graft. The course also explains the basic concept of trigonometry and its usage in solving problems.

Engineering Mathematics 2

The course gives students exposure about complex number which explains real number and imaginary number. Calculus and its usage are also pointed out in the course.

Engineering Mathematics 3

The course gives students exposure on statistic concept and its usage in interpreting data and approximating area and volume under unwell-shaped bend. It also introduces progression usage and basic matrix concept to solve simultaneous equation with inverted matrix and Cramer tips. Numerical method enable students solve linear simultaneous equation and non-linear simultaneous equation.

Engineering Mathematics 4

The course covers Binomial expansion and series also vector, scale and half fission. It introduces Laplace manifestation topic and its usage in solving problem of advance calculus. Geometry analikti is also discussed.

Engineering Mathematics 5

The course gives students exposure on hyperbola and inverted trigonometry function. It also introduces advance calculus to master differentiation and integration. Differentiation equation topic is included to assist students understanding methods in solving differentiation equation.

Technician Science

This course gives knowledge and exposure about applied science via theory and practical study so that students may apply it in engineering domain. It also stressed on Unit and Measurement, Force, Linear Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Solid and Fluids, Temperature and Heat and Basic of Electricity.

Computer Application

The course gives students knowledge about several kinds of computer system and application especially in hardware and software. It also exposes students to word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and internet software.


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