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Department of Mechanical Engineering


Department of Mechanical Engineering (JKM) was founded by Mr Ishak bin Sarip. It was built on Jun 1990 with 7 lecturers. There were 110 students registered in 2 certificates at that time which were Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Construction) and Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Automotive).

Parallel to time past, there are increased number of workshops and labs, variety of courses and students intake. The growing number of courses, classes and labs enable the addition of student intake. JKM has its own proud compare to other departments. It has the largest number of students. The students have shown the compassionate involving in curriculum and co curriculum.

For example, in Robocon Competition 2005, from 42 teams from all IPTAs in Malaysia, only Politeknik Port Dickson was from polytechnics and community college which qualified to the dead and lost round which involved 16 teams. Both automatic and manual robot from JKM has been chosen to represent Politeknik Port Dickson to the competition. Congratulations to all lecturers who involved in creating the robots.

Lab Facilities Other Facilities
  • Production Lab
  • Science Material Lab
  • Logi Lab
  • Automation/CAM Lab
  • Heat and Liquid Lab
  • Metallurgy dan Metrology Lab
  • CIM Lab
  • AutoCAD Lab
  • Electric Principe Lab
  • Electric Measure Lab
  • Hidraulic Lab
  • Instrument Lab
  • Mikroprocessor Lab
  • CADCAM Lab
  • Robotic Lab
  • Automation Lab
  • Plastic Lab
  • Automotive/Diesel Workshop
  • Machine Workshop
  • Gegas Workshop
  • Forge Lab
  • Metal Piece Lab
  • Class Building

Offered Courses

  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Certificate in Mechanical Engineering
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Construction)
  • Diploma in Mechatronic Engineering
  • Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Automotive)


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