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Development & Facility Management Unit


Through RMK-9, Polytechnic obtains a building known as the 'Industrial Technical Lab, CISC, Lodge and Library of the cost of RM3 million. The building was completed in accordance with the contract in September 2009.


Building Maintenance

Maintenance work is done through complaints from Head of Departments and polytechnic staff while complaints from students are through the Principal and Hostel Warden respectively.

Building maintenance work includes repairing small defects at administration blocks, student hostels, lecture blocks, Islamic Centre Hall, Lecture Hall and other blocks.

The type of damages is different. Damages which can’t be repaired by the staff of this unit will be done by outside contractors through quotations.

This unit also maintains existing facility to create more comfortable environment for staff and all polytechnic residence.


Road Maintenance

Road maintenance work is including patching dangerous road pothole.

Signs for direction to relevant blocks in the campus are provided. Any signs that have been damaged or faded color will be replaced for facilitating the visibility of the campus residence with car or motorcycle.

Signs are provided to limit the parking area for lecturer and student.

New parking area for staff was also provided for more structured campus environment.


Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Maintenance

A more comfortable atmosphere in the office or classrooms came from centralized or separated (split unit) air-conditioning equipment.

The equipment should be maintained regularly to determine its expected useful life expectancy. Any major damage that can’t be repaired by the staff of this unit will be repaired by outside contractors.

Similarly, electric power generation in the campus is available through electrical substations in the campus. There are seven electrical substations in this campus. While at night the lights delighting Polytechnic campus.

It is maintained by experienced staff in this unit.


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