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Director Speech

Mejar (K) Haji Mohd Kharir bin Mohd Ibrahim, DNS  Mejar (K) Haji Mohd Kharir Bin Mohd Ibrahim., DNS




Mejar (K) Hj. Mohd Kharir Bin Mohd Ibrahim., DNS
Director of Politeknik Port Dickson





Assalammualaikum w.b.t and Greetings to All

Welcome to Politeknik Port Dickson website. Congratulation from the management to the PPD website's committee members for successfully come out with this official website. It is hope that this website may be the source of E-Knowledge and can be easily accessed by all visitors.

There is a lot of initiative in ICT field that has been practiced to stabilize the integrity and the efficiency of public management such as:

  • Legislation of communication, multimedia and cyber law
  • Licensing and trusted supervision control
  • Institution infrastructure to persuade the use of appropriate new technologies

The establishment of this interactive website with constantly updated content  will surely able to manure our society/client understanding, confident and trust to ICT and will dynamically bring the country towards knowledge-based economy (K-Based Economy).

It is my hope that this Politeknik Port Dickson website is controlled and aligned properly so that the integrity and efficiency of public management is not spoiled because of misuse, duty clashes and repeated work. With this website, PPD can be introduced to all group of society in this information era where important information can be accessed quickly and precisely via email or messages.

I am assured that I can depend on the PPD community to work as a team and support from Ministry of Higher Education to make PPD as one of the “World’s Standard Institute of Higher Education”. With God’s consent and the help of all parties, this website will be constantly updated and it is hoped to function as students guide and as knowledge management source.

Thank you.

 Ministry of Education Malaysia           Wataniah Politeknik Port Dickson1MTC UUM