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Examination Unit

Examination Unit Politeknik Port Dickson is responsible to handle all affairs related to examination. This unit is lead by Head of Examination Unit and is assisted by two Examination Officer and Academic Department Examination Manager. Among main activities carried out by Examination Unit are:

Preparing Examination Paper

  • Question Production
  • Check by Question Draft Panel
  • Check/Correct/Comment by Question Comment Panel
  • Assessment and selection by Panel Committee of Question Bank Item Assessment

Administer Final Examination

  • Conducted on every last two weeks of a semester

Processing Result Assessment

  • Result Assessment will be processed in two weeks after a semester ends and will be displayed on polytechnic’s website

Handling Certification and Students Achievement Award

  • The issued of students’ certificate after they finish study and approved by Board of Examination and Certificate/Diploma Polytechnic KPT Award
  • The issued of Medal Head of Department Certificate for students with CGPA 3.5 and above during final semester
  • The issued of Head of Department List Certificate for students with GPA 3.5 and above current semester
  • The issued of Academic and Co Curriculum Excellent Award Certificate
  • The issued of Director of Polytechnic Award Certificate

Enforcement of Assessment Rules

  • The Enforcement of Assessment Rules is subject to “Examination Order and Assessment Method” involving items like disobeying examination general order, copying, and attempts of copying, unqualified to be assessed because of class attendance below 80% and absent during final examination


  • The issued of graduated students’ transcript
  • Handling misplaced slip diploma certificate and the replacement


The Quality Objective of Examination Management Process

  1. To prepare the examination paper at least one (1) week before the Final Examination
  2. To finish the final assessment within two weeks after the semester ended
  3. To produce the transcript to students who have finish their studies within two week after the The Board of Examination Meeting and the Convocation of Certificates and Diploma
  4. To prepare the Certificates/Diploma for students who have finish their studies at least a week before the Convocation.


Client's Charter

  1. To handle all matters involving the Examination within two weeks after the application is received.
  2. To process the examination results within two weeks after the end of the semester.
  3. The produce the certificates/diplomas to graduates based on the regulations by the Examination Board
  4. To receive any responds/complaints from the clients and inform the clients within 14 days.


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