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Liason & Industrial Training Unit


Main task for Liason & Industrial Training Unit is to administer students’ industrial training program and connect with firms and departments about students’ practical training. The objective of this unit is to organize and manage training placement application, recognize suitable placement, training supervise and industrial training assessment during the training.

Till now, there are more than 2,200 companies around the country listed in Liason and Industrial Training Unit. As one of the requirements in polytechnic system, students have to enroll industrial attachment. Duration of the training is 20 weeks where students are spread to all firms and departments all over the country. Politeknik Port Dickson will ensure the students get appropriate training placement, close to their home and which is beneficial to them.


Industrial Training Objectives

  1. To expose students with job industry
  2. To encourage teamwork and good relationship among workers
  3. To enable students see the relationship between theories to practical and vise versa
  4. To follow safety cautions in industry
  5. To manure trust and responsible attitude
  6. To build self confidence
  7. To prepare a formal report after finish training


Industrial Training Placement

Suitable training placement or which is wished by the students is subject to a number of factors such as:

  • The readiness of the firms or departments to accept students
  • Vacant training placement
  • Request from the firm or department which fits

Before going into the industrial training, students will be taught on industrial training skill module in second semester (Certificate and DSK students) and forth semester (Diploma students).


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