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Training & Advanced Education Unit


The Training & Advanced Education Unit is established in 1994. The Unit is managed by two Training and Advanced Education officer and one clerk. The management of all activities will be helped by six officer from each academic department and one from the Administrative Department.

The objective of the Unit is:

  • To organize and handle staff training programmes internally and externally.
  • To help to organize, to plan and to execute the training programmes organized by th Bahagian Latihan & Kerjaya (BLK) and The Jabatan Pengajian Politeknik dan Kolej Komuniti (JPPKK)
  • To organize the TSP Programme (Time Sector Privatisation Programme) for government and private sector.
  • To administer the Program Sangkuta Industri Pensyarah (SIP)

The Unit is responsible to administer, to organize and to execute varities of staff training programmes to identify and to improve the competency of each staff.

The Unit is also responsible with the administering of programmes and activities under the Bahagian Latihan Kerjaya throughout the year. Starting 2007, CPCM programme, the PPK programme and the EEP programme have been introduce for the enhancement of competency among staff.


Career Path Competencies Matrix (CPCM)

This programme prepares training modules that focuses more on the generic and management competency needed by staff parallel  with the expansion of the staff’s career. Nevertheless, this CPCM programme will provide appropriate training modules which will be given to the lecturers and staff in JPPKK.


Program Peningkatan Kemahiran (PPK)

The In-Country Programme is planned to mor opportunity to all educationers in Politechnics and Communicy Colleges to attend technical courses that focus on the P&P implementation in the institution. Apart from training the educationers to be multi- talented and to be and expert in their field of studies, this programme also aims to give exposure to new technology and to upgrade the competency of the educationers; so that the institution will produce skilled workers to fulfilled the industrial need.

Time Sector Privatisation (TSP)

For the time being, Politeknik Port Dickson is implementing three TSP courses. They are:

  1. Kursus Secara Sambilan (KSS)
  2. Kursus Jangka Pendek 
    • MUET
    • Kursus dgn Jabatan Kerajaan
  3. Kursus Terlanggan (Customized Course)

The Training and Advanced Education Unit has been given the responsible to administer the TSP Programme which liasing with the industry. It uses the concept of ‘win-win situation’ that will benefit both the instition (Politeknik Port Dickson) and the industry at the same time. The entire teaching and learning programme will be done either during weekend or not during working hour time. The TSP programme is parallel to the RMK-9 which focuses on the building of a quality and balance society.


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