Information Technology Unit provides a wireless network or poliPD wi-fi for all Politeknik Port Dickson staff of academic and non academic staff in various locations around campus. This service is also extended to students up to the hostels to facilitate Internet access. Locations covered are:

  1. JKM Building (Pentagon)
  2. Electrical Workshop (Telekom Lab)
  3. Mutiara Room (Library)
  4. Conference Room
  5. UIDM Showroom
  6. 14A Block (Female Hostel)
  7. 14K Block (Female Hostel)
  8. 14L Block (Female Hostel)
  9. 14P Block (Female Hostel)
  10. 15C Block (Male Hostel)
  11. 15D Block (Male Hostel)
  12. 15F Block (Male Hostel)
  13. 15G Block (Male Hostel)
  14. 15H Block (Male Hostel)
  15. 15J Block (Male Hostel)
  16. 4A Block (ECOMM)
  17. 4C&D Block (Lecturer Room)
  18. 4E Block (Classroom)
  19. 4G Block (JPA & JKA Office)
  20. 4H Block (JKE Office)
  21. A Block (Female Hostel)
  22. N Block (Female Hostel)
  23. R Block (Female Hostel)
  24. Main Hall
  25. Cafetaria A (Dining Hall)
  26. Cafeteria B (Office)
  27. Cafeteria B (Dining Hall)
  28. Coperation
  29. Language Lab
  30. Logi Lab
  31. Fellow Office
  32. ICT Unit Office
  33. Library
  34. Inovation Centre
  35. Coperation Foyer
  36. Tech Lab (Inovation Centre)
  37. Training & Advanced Education Unit

WiFi operation hour is as below:

  • Monday - Friday: 12 am to 9 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 8 am to 9 pm

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